Enschede, NL
Show your interest! Will you organise the next TEDxTwenteU event?

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Katharina Probst


Hi, I am Katharina, 21 years old and currently pursuing my Bachelor in Communication Science. This year I am leading the TEDxTwenteU Team. Together, we aim to give people the opportunity to share ideas worth spreading with a large audience. It is an honour to organise such a world-wide known event and I hope you are as excited about it as I am. If you have any questions about TEDxTwenteU, I am happy to help you.


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Andrey Antonowycz

Acquisition & Speakers

I’m a bachelor student of Applied Physics with interests in programming and Linux servers. In my spare time, I like to work on independent projects to add to my portfolio and to watch series. For this upcoming TEDxTwenteU event, I’m in charge of the sponsoring and speaker contact, which means I get the chance to get in contact with interesting companies and people. I’m looking forward to this event and hope every attendee will be inspired by the talks of our event.


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Trang Trinh

Treasurer & Logistics

I am Trang, a Math enthusiast. I am participating in TEDxTwenteU 2020 as a committee member who is in charge of Finance and Logistics. This experience will help me enhance my communication and networking skills, as well as discover interesting ideas within the local community to spread them worldwide.


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Christian Claessen

Acquisition & Logistics

My name is Chris, a general member of the committee, and I am studying Psychology in the first year here at the University of Twente. I’ve been following TED, TEDx and the ideas it accompanies for years now and I am really excited to play a part in that!


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Nina Lasai

PR & Communication

Hey, my name is Nina. I am 21 years old and currently studying psychology in the second year. For years I loved watching TEDx talks and I am really excited to have the opportunity to be part of the TEDxTwenteU committee now.


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Dilara Imer

Graphic & Stage Design

My name is Dilara Imer (24) and for the TEDxTwenteU 2020, I am responsible for the Stage & Graphic designs. I chose TEDx as a committee this year, with the hope to bring a new wind with my multicultural background, being born in Germany studying in the Netherlands and roots in the Arabic regions of Turkey. Currently, I am pursuing my MSc at the University of Twente, and I am interested in the new and unusual.

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Maurits Krijnsen

Branding & Stage Design

At the beginning of humanity, knowledge was spread through mouth-to-mouth communication, this limited the quality and also restricted spreading ideas over multiple generations. The handwritten text arose and the quality and spread increased but the reach remained limited. We now live in an age in which an idea can be spread reliably to millions of people and exist forever, I would like to contribute to that. My name is Maurits Krijnsen (19) and I am a first-year student studying Industrial Design.


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Sandra Nienhuis

License Holder & Organiser

Sandra has been involved in several TEDxTwenteU events in the past but does not like to be in the centre of attention. Therefore, we only give you a small sneak peek: She has a lot of organisational talent and experience, can communicate very well and likes helping people. Isn’t that a great start to organise a TEDx event?