TEDx Talks 2016

This world makes no sense – and I love it | Jasper Driessens

Closing Closets: The Upside of Disclosing Your Sexual Identity | Jeroen Mulder

Unblame: how leaders create safety | Jan van Veldhuizen 

The hidden danger of achieving your one big goal | Alireza Rohani 

Discover the power to get well faster | Wil Konings

Can we create a world without disease? | Max Welling

Climbing Everest: Insights into Teamwork & Leadership | Katja Staartjes

How to provide clean water for everyone | Kitty Nijmeijer 

Say Yes to No | Yamini Singh

Three lessons I learned from building a Solar Car | Maarten van Poppelen

Harp Experience: How to Follow your own Rhythm | Mechteld Karlien de Jongh

Leadership on the Edge – A Lesson From The Perfect Storm | Paul Adamson

The power of product development for social change | Juan Manuel Jauregui Becker