TEDxTwenteU 2023 Tickets

The tickets for the TEDxTwenteU 2023 Event include the following:

  • Full acces to the event
  • Drinks during the event
  • Dinner at the event
  • A goody bag
So get your tickets before they get sold out!


The event is held on the 9th of march.

The event starts from 17:00, the event is done at 22:00 at the latest.

The event is held at Concordia in the city center of Enschede. The adress of Concordia is Oude Markt 15. Later we will transfer to Langestraat 56.

No unfortunatly their are no parking spots at Concordia. You have to park at one of the nearby parking garages.

Yes, we will provide every guest with dinner after the talks.