Student Union Logo

About the Student Union

We are a non-profit organisation that works hard to make sure your student days are fantastic! The Student Union’s mission is as follows: ‘The Student Union promotes the academic competencies and the well-being of students of the University of Twente.’ We believe that your student time is more than just studying. This is why we try to do everything we can to make it as memorable, educational, and inexpensive as possible. You can therefore see us as the representative of students and organisations.

What we do

The Student Union is an organisation for students, by students with the following mission: “The Student Union promotes academic development and the well-being of students at the University of Twente.” In practice, this means that we represent the interests of students. We do this in order to allow the voice of students to be heard in regard to policy issues. Besides this, we are also busy with providing direct services and organizing events for UT students.

Who we are

With more than 100 students and staff, we work daily to promote the interests of students and associations. Wondering who the people behind our organisation are and what they do? Look here to see who are involved in the Student Union. You can also contact one of us.

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