Enschede, NL
When & Where does TEDxTwenteU take place?

TEDxTwenteU will take place in the Concordia Theatre on Wednesday the 12th February 2020 starting at 13:30.

Can I speak at TEDxTwenteU?

We have already selected our speakers for the upcoming event.

How do I sign up to be a speaker or performer?

How do I sign up to attend TEDxTwenteU?

How many places are available in the audience during TEDxTwenteU?

How much does attending TEDxTwenteU cost?

What is included in the ticket to TEDxTwenteU?

Which language will TEDxTwenteU be held in?

How accessible is the location for the TEDxTwenteU event?

How do I partner with TEDxTwenteU?

How do I become a volunteer for TEDxTwenteU?

How do I become an organiser of the next TEDxTwenteU edition?

How do I reach TEDxTwenteU easily?

Can I participate only in parts of TEDxTwenteU?

I would love to see TEDxTwenteU, but cannot make it to the event. Is there anything I can do?

I can only attend parts of the TEDxTwenteU event, is what do I do?

Will there be food at TEDxTwenteU?

I signed up for TEDxTwenteU, how do I make sure my allergies are taken into account?